Breeding Philosophy

We enjoy the excitement and challenges that breeding and genetics throw at you and use science and common sense, to breed balanced cattle that will work commercially and add value for our clients.

We want to be leaders in a sustainable beef industry. We’re driven by wanting to continually increase the efficiency of beef production and the quality of beef produced. In selecting an animal for our breeding program, we research and look at all available information, treating EPD figures, structural assessment and phenotype equally, with non-negotiables in each area.

We’re designing superior cattle using the world’s best genetics.


How do our cattle compare?

We use the best database available worldwide, to find out exactly how our cattle compare.

With over 340,000 cattle recorded annually, the American Simmental Association (ASA) database gives us the tools we need, to find out which animals meet our aims. Thanks to this database, we are able to present our animals with Estimated Progeny Differences (EPDs), the figures that allow us and our clients to compare our animals with millions of others.

Outstanding benefits of EPDs:
  1. Tremendous volume of data (Over 17million head recorded).
  2. Quality data – largest and longest running progeny test program worldwide.
  3. True multi-breed database – incorporating 12 different breeds, allowing comparison between hybrid and pure animals.
  4. DNA enhanced EPDs – using DNA testing to increase the accuracy of figures.
  5. API – An index based on economically relevant traits; which animal will give you more bang for your buck!

Our herd is independently assessed with Genetic Type Summary (GTS) scores, describing them structurally and phenotypically. Sale bulls are presented with these scores in our annual sale catalogue.


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